Jumaat, 24 Februari 2012


The first test that i really lesson during first day working as site engineer on 1999 was to conduct Field Density Test for earthworks. I still remember that day until today because i realize that even though i  graduated in Civil Engineering  but i fail to complete my first task.

Field Density Test is carry out at site to determine the  Dry Density Soil on compacted soil.  There are two (2) method currently implemented at site as followings:-

  1. Core Cutter Method  (B.S. 1377 Test Method –Test 15(D)) 
  2. Sand Replacement Method (B.S. 1377 Test Method – Test 15(A)) 

 Core Cutter Method
Sand Replacement Method

Core Cutter method more prefer for earth material because it more easiest and faster to determine the degree of compaction. However both method have limitations only for surface ground ( 450mm - 150mm thickness).

Others method to determine the ground known as Lateral Load Tester. However  in Malaysia as i knows that the LLT only to be implemented for forensic Engineering maybe due to cost constraint.

I am not expert only learn from experience from my past construction project.  Please correct me if i wrong cause i just share knowledge.


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