Ahad, 5 Ogos 2012


Return to my school Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Jelebu 

After 20 years past by, finally I have strength and time to come back to my previous secondary school where spent my studies during Form 2 and Form 3 from 1991 - 1993.

 Even though it located not far away from my home town ( Jempol)  but it so hard for me in  term of emotional aspect to come back there because it will recall all the sweet memories and tear of my heart about real life.

MRSM Jelebu were setup on 20 April 1987 and it located beside of Dato' Luak Jelebu Negeri Sembilan's house.  The building of the school during that time made from part of wood and brick and according to the senior's story, some of the building were army barrack during world war 2.  The scariest part when some of the senior make a story that during the world war 2, the Japanese soldier killed the traitor that they captured by cut off their head at one of the our hostel area. 

I  was there in december 1991 registered as form 2 student . if not mistake our batch only consist 30+++ where we gathered in only one classroom.  

My journey to my old school from Jempol using the federal route 1 to the Simpang Pertang town. 

 From Simpang Pertang town, we will through the hill road and sharp corner that requires more focus during driving.  however the less traffic make our journey so excited and enjoyable with nice panoramic view. 

Finally we reached at pekan Kuala Klawang Jelebu. Some of the building still maintained as  I remembered during 1992.

 Then slowly I drove my car to the my old school area. Actually there not much left in term of original building because on August  1993, one year after I left from school, MRSM Jelebu operation were move to the new building located at  Ladang Jelebu, Mukim Gelami Lemi, Jalan Titi, Jelebu. 

Only staircase left as a proved that there a building a moment ago
Our volley ball field still remain 

View from the top hill where our  port to release our tension 

it so great and quite interesting that I finally return to my old school and have a time to tell to my children my stories, my experience and my sweet memory that i have spent with my friends.

so it time to go back to our home, come back to reality that it  life is goes on. only memory will remain in our mind and heart.

so we take  another route from Jelebu to Seremban through another hill road names as Bukit Tangga


From Seremban our journey to go back to our home at kajang will become easier by using LEKAS Highway.

sometimes in our life that  the most time we feel really enjoy when we are in school and that moment only come once in our life.