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Bridge Vertical Clearance

If we see the picture, absolutely we will ask the question why this incident happened. 

Did the driver of truck is over confident with his assumption that the clearance provided enough to get through the bridge. 

 Or did the engineer not consider the high of truck in the design ?

Or did the driver are not well educated in the clearance high of bridge by authorities?

With reference to the Bridge Design For JKR Specification (Malaysia), the designer shall refer to the latest Authorities Requirement for roadway crossing in their bridge design in order to obtain an approval for construction. 

The local authorities such as State JKR, Town Municipal, etc will provide the specification of their department to consultant to comply in the design for crossing bridge.   

The following information of the crossing road is required for bridge planning

    (i)  About Existing Road
􀂊              Class and grade
􀂊              Cross sectional profile
􀂊              Right of way
􀂊              Clearance limit
􀂊              Longitudinal profile

    (ii) About Future Plan
􀂊              Designated, or not designated to roads of city planning 
               Sidewalk   plan, or not
􀂊              Overlay and widening plan, or not
􀂊              Cycle track plan, or not

    iii) About Public Utilities

    iv) Vertical Clearance Limit

In Malaysia the standard clearance height of 5.3m above the existing
road surface under the soffit of the planned bridge beam is recommended for the design.

So far there no  accident reported regarding on the truck hit the bridge due to the vertical clearance. maybe  Malaysian driver is well educated with the clearance of bridge.  I hope the below accident will not happened in Malaysia

if it happened in Malaysia  I believe that the driver is really damn stupid driver and how he get the license.   

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