Jumaat, 27 Julai 2012

Filem Tanda Putera - Kebenaran yang sukar diterima oleh DAP

Coming soon another film by Datuk Paduka Shuhaimi Baba about truth story our beloved country Malaysia lead by two legendary leader put secretly their health problem from everybody in order to save Malaysia through out the racism war 1969. 
Before the movie launch there a lot of pressure by opposition politician try to denied about the truth. sometime you can try to  halt the history by create the history from your perspective but History never Lies and will repeat again.
Your can lead the country with a lot of ethic with tolerance by the majority to the minority so it can reduce the tension and fear that the majority are welcomed the minority with sincere.
Your also can lead the country with a lot of ethnic where minority getting too much benefit and ignorance the majority with empty promises but your will slowly create a disaster massacre in the future. 
The great Umayyah Dynasty  at Spain  began with minority Arabic built up the nation with great achievement in creating the new race called Andalusia .  But when the leader from minority ignorance the origin non muslim race, the great Islamic government at Spain finally totally vanish forever  when  Christians crushed one center of resistance after another and finally, in January 1492, after a long siege, the Moorish sultan, Muhammad XII, surrendered the fortress palace, the renowned Alhambra,
"half a million within the realm, 100,000 had died or been enslaved, 200,000 emigrated, and 200,000 remained as the residual population".
So to the Cauvanist leader they shall read history and take a lesson.